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Stock Ready-To-Print (RTP)

 Stock designs are ready-to-print (RTP) and can be personalized with your own text or logo. We offer a wide variety of holiday and seasonal stock designs which can be printed on any color fabric, not just the color shown. 


 Our new technology prints digitally with amazing capabilities:

1. Superb digital printing on vinyl media

for exterior and interior banners.

2. State-of-the-art digital printing on all colors

of Sunbrella® marine acrylic.

3. Flatbed digital printing on virtually all solid

substrates, including glass & metals

The most remarkable news about our new equipment is that we are no longer “screen”

printing our Sunbrella marine acrylic banners! Our entire large-format screen printing facility

has been replaced by new technology that prints intense, vibrant inks onto Sunbrella®. Prior to

this new technology, all our marine acrylic banners were hand screen printed with plastisol inks, cured with big, hot dryers. No more! No more big, expensive screens that are required

for every color and no more ink mixing! The New Digital Printing still features standard finishing options, durable marine grade fabrics and colors, fade and weather resistance, and are warranted for 2 Years.

Our  NEW DIGITALLY PRINTED BANNERS are printed on both sides of Sunbrella® marine acrylic fabric using heat-set thermo-plastic colorfast inks. For the most durable banners in any weather condition, our marine acrylic fabric is the perfect choice. We have customers who have displayed our printed banners for over 20 years during holiday seasons. 

Photo Realistic Digitally Printed Banners on Vinyl

Digital Banners can be printed on a number of different materials for indoor or outdoor use, but the most common material is vinyl. Digital Imaging allows you to bring photos, logos, or illustrations to life. Digital printing can produce a photo realistic look. Digital printed banners are warranted for 1 Year.

Our  digitally printed light pole banners are generally printed on both sides of 18-ounce reinforced vinyl and are the strongest digital vertical light pole banners on the market today. Digital imaging has quickly become the preferred method of printing as it provides you with a great deal more design options, especially if your graphic needs demand more colors or photo images. 

Custom Designs

 If you need something more personalized, our design team can create a design just for you. 

You can also submit your own art for banners. Follow guidelines for art submission in the link below.

Banner Brackets and Mounting Hardware

 By continuously redesigning and improving the street pole banner brackets and hardware, Our supplier has been able to develop the most ground-breaking and durable banner hardware in the industry. With its sleek design, simple installation, and ability to flex in the wind, their hardware is the best choice for your outdoor banner program. The light pole banner brackets feature: • 10 Year Warranty • Wind Load Reduction • Proven Design that Reduces Stress on Banner Material • Quick and Easy Banner Change • Custom Length Arms Available • Finials, Wall-Mounts and Custom Brackets Available. Ask your sales rep about the recommended banner brackets and hardware for your banners.  Or click below to review  hardware, guides, and standards.

Detail your services

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Light Pole Banners are a VERY effective way to promote events and seasonal celebrations for tourists and town folk alike. Our banners bring attention and info to your audience with color, movement, text and logos like no other year round signage can. If you have any questions about banners and how they can put your project on the map, just click below to contact us. Whether you call or drop us an email, one of our crew will respond ASAP!