SEWN APPLIQUÉ is a process by which the individual pieces of a design are hand cut and stitched together.

This method creates a design that is seen from both sides of the banner and shows the natural vibrancy of the

material to its best advantage.

LOOKS   Sewn appliqué method allows the fabrics' naturally rich and vibrant colors to truly come to life. When

Appliqué banners are backlit they have a translucent quality much like stained glass. The look of sewn appliqué

banners will leave you with no doubts about the fact that they are the highest quality banners available.

DURABILITY  Sewn appliqué banners unlike silk screened banners can't crack or peel and are easily cleaned,

just throw them in the washing machine.

CUSTOM DESIGNING  If you don't see the designs you need we can custom design banners to meet your needs.

Call us for color availability 1800-825- 9790.


Sewn Appliqué Catalog