The original BannerFlex design
has endured the seasons to
become the industry standard in
banner mounting hardware for
utility poles and light poles. After
years of refinement, BannerFlex
now offers its highest level of
durability and performance with
the following features.   [pdf]

BannerFlex Hardware is protected by
U.S. Patent 4,880,195

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1) Installation Guide
2) Light pole hardware
3) Hardware Standards

  • Standard 32" long (31" exposed) fiberglass arm
  • Durable aluminum alloy castings
  • Adjustable and removable arm casting
  • Plant hanger and flag pole accessories



BannerFlex© Jr.

Smaller casting profiles, shorter

standard arms and BannerFlex

performance help your

decorative installations stand up

to the scrutiny of pedestrian

traffic. This banner bracket is

designed specifically for

decorative light poles, smaller

banners or lower installation



  • Standard 22" long (20" exposed) fiberglass arm
  • Durable, low profile, Almag alloy castings


BannerFlex© Messenger© PT Banner Stand
Reliable outdoor banner stands

for the message on the move.

Messenger PT offers the

BannerFlex concept in a

portable banner stand.


  • Newly redesigned aluminum base
  • Wind spilling fiberglass uprights
  • Accommodates 30" x 94" and 36" x 94" standard banners sizes
  • Powder coated finish.


Bannerflex© Messenger© GMS
A permanent solution for

outdoor signage that allows the

flexibility of interchangeable

graphics and the performance of

BannerFlex hardware


  • 7 gauge, pre-drilled steel base
  • Wind spilling fiberglass uprights
  • Accommodates 20" x 72" standard banner size
  • Black, brown or gray powder coated finish
  • 1/2" of tensioning adjustment


Bannerflex© Airow

The revolutionary bracket for vertical pole banners
The revolutionary Airow utilizes

a specially shaped fiberglass

rod to achieve significantly 

higher wind force reduction than

other bracket systems.

Extensive research and testing

has yielded a system which 

reduces wind load on the 

mounting pole. plus there are

no mechanical parts to wear out.


  • 32" (30" exposed) tapered fiberglass arm accommodates standard banner sizes.
  • Weather resistant aluminum alloy castings.
  • Adjustable and removable arm casting.


Bannerflex© Metro
 We are pleased to introduce the

attractive, streamlined KBW

Bannerflex Metro Bracket .

Designed in response to

requests for a smaller, but 

adjustable brackets, Metro is

ideal for fluted and ornamental 

light poles in metropolitan areas.

U.S. Patent 4,880,195


  • Compact form with integrated banging ports.
  • Weather resistant aluminum alloy casting fits mid-sized poles.
  • Adjustable and removable arm with standard or tapered rod.